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Whatever I do

I barrel on through.

James Potter
1 January
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Some people analyze every detail
Some people stall when they can't see the trail
Some people freeze out of fear that they'll fail
But I keep rollin' on

Moving Too Fast,
The Last 5 Years

The Potters

Henry Bryon Potter, age 53 Ellen Louisa Greengrass Potter, age 51 James Henry Potter, age 15 Anne Ellen Potter - deceased 04/10/1969 age 5 Marlene Valora McKinnon, age 15 (psuedo-sister)

The Marauders

Moony Wormtail Padfoot
all in good fun, animagus, being better than you, best mates, broomsticks, butterbeer (loads of it), calling marlene lanie, chasers, evans loves me, girls, growing up with marlene, laughing, lily evans, lots of girls, making the girls mad, marlene mckinnon, mocking everyone, not being called jamie, not my mum yelling, not those prat slytherins, peter pettigrew, pranks, pulling pranks, quidditch, remus lupin, sirius black, transfiguration, winning